YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY is not only the name of our event planning business, it also is the core of our mission. We put the Customer first in the development of each unique event with your Dreams in mind. We take on the work of planning an event so you can have all the fun! We bring YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY.

YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY was envisioned by Michael & Jamila Brown in 2023 while on a road trip. Mrs. Jamila Brown had a history of Planning Events for work in the various industries of which she’s been employed, to include: Banking & Philanthropy in the Corporate sector, Community Development and Fundraising with Non-profit organizations, Business Management and Events in Faith-based institutions, and large group Logistics and Entertainment in the Insurance industry. With each of her roles focused around Marketing and Event Planning it was time for Jamila to pursue her own Dreams of having a business for herself. Mike and Jamila’s discussion on that road trip led to the development of this business. By listening to each unique Customer and being inspired by their personality, we bring YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY! 

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